Individual Cow Mattress Pads


The problem with continuous mattress pads is that if part of the system is damaged, it is difficult to repair, otherwise you are faced with replacing the whole cover or system. Furthermore, some tie stall designs have rails that don't allow for a continuous mattress system without holes that affect the integrity of the system. Our cow mattress pads offer the versatility of individual pieces, while providing all of the cushioning and comfort of a continuous mattress system.

Individual Cow Mattresses

These durable mattress pads consist of a full 5/8" rebond foam pad encapsulated by 1/2" revulcanzed rubber to create a full 1-5/8" thick individual mattress pad. The revulcanized rubber matting will not absorb fluids, harbor bacteria or mould and is easy to clean. These mats are custom sized to fit your free stalls or tie stalls.